About Us


Lisa Masto, Owner | Designer

Although my early career days were focused on on the area of nutrition, due to my degree, my true passion has always been interior design.  In the early 90’s, I had an interest in real estate investing and began a venture with my husband of flipping homes.  This is truly where it all began.  I immediately knew I had found my niche not so much in the real estate side of things; but in the remodeling and decorating of these worn out homes.  I handed the business end over to my husband while I focused primarily on my love for design and detail and turning these homes into a masterpiece for the future owner.  Together, we made quite a team and our business took off in an instant.
Once my first son was born, I decided to take a break and focus on my family; doing all the things new moms so routinely do.  I never lost my passion and desire for fine design and knew I would return some day and begin again.  Rather than do nothing for myself, I decided to use my time wisely and return to school while raising my children so that when I did return, I would be even more qualified for my clients.  I received my degree in interior design and my staging certificate from New York Institute of Art and Design.  Two years ago, I re-entered the world of design/staging more prepared than ever and have had tremendous success again redesigning homes of all levels.  There is no project too large or too small for our company.


Debbie Johnson | Designer

I spent many years as a professional model which ultimately lead not only to a passion for beautiful attire and accessories; but also a passion for exquisite décor and furnishings for the home/office.  As I began my journey in the decorating industry by attending Sarasota School of the Decorative Arts in 2002, I quickly realized that I was blessed with a natural knack for color coordination and creative design and decided to put my talents to work as a decorative painter.  I spent the next decade creating and installing custom paint/glaze/textured wall finishes in homes/offices.  My career took off immediately leading me into homes of all levels; homes of very modest means all the way to multi million dollar homes of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I eventually merged my creative painting skills into a career of interior design/staging as well.  I developed a strategy of providing a multitude of options which enabled me to appeal to all budgets; hence, it opened the door for a wider market of affordable buyers.  I have also had the prestigious honor of being selected as four time Symphony Show house artist. Along with my creative gifts in the decorating industry; I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business (double major in marketing and management).  Through my education and experience combined, what started off as a hobby quickly grew into a flourishing venture.

Together we are known as 2 Blonde Krew, we offer Interior Design & Staging Services.